How real is your online persona?

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Micro-celebrity can be understood as a mindset and set of practices in which audience is viewed as a fan base; popularity is maintained through ongoing fan management; and self-presentation is carefully constructed to be consumed by others – Alice Marwick and Danah Boyd

How does my intercommunication across platforms represent my self online? If someone who didn’t know me ‘in real life’ saw my Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter – how would they perceive me?

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Am I actively creating a particular type of online persona? No. But I don’t think that it’s possible to be active on social media and not create a persona for yourself. Your choice of words, images, and overall interaction with other media within the platform establishes an online you – which is sometimes not entirely representative of real life.  I wouldn’t express online everything that I say in person to friends and family and my Instagram images are selected and chosen by me out of many – and therefore it is a small, selective representation of particular moments in my life.

As Alice Marwick and Danah Boyd suggest, ‘theories of ‘participatory culture’ examine how people draw from media texts to create and produce their own cultural products’ and since our participatory culture is growing, so too is our desire to create our own product and our own online persona.



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