Remix of a new media culture

Manipulating an original form of media into something new isn’t ‘copying’ in the traditional sense- it’s a new way of content creation.

We’re in an age where anybody, regardless of skill, can contribute to  media by creating on top of  another media. It’s “free culture” and it’s definitely a good thing.

Creativity is the key – not skill. So you don’t need to be classically trained in piano or have the vocal chords of an angel to create a music piece, and you don’t need to have had a tertiary education in film production or an extremely expensive camera (or 2, or 3…) to create visual entertainment – you just need an open mind and remix technology, which can be as easy as one download online.

Remix of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit ‘Fast Car’ 

Remix is a way to interact with the media around us, and build from others ideas to create even better products. It’s a new media culture, with no end in sight!


3P4LPbk - Imgur



Lessig, Lawrence (2008) ‘Culture of our past’, in Remix: making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy, pp.23-31. [ Accessed 28th April 2016].

Ben Rogerson. 2015. The 10 best DJ software applications in the world today. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 28 April 2016].



3 thoughts on “Remix of a new media culture

  1. Isabella Chen says:

    Hi Holly,
    As I could remember, so far this has been the third time for me to stop at your blog world and leave some words. Your post is as impressive as it used to be.
    I love the way you explain remix and it do make the complicated concept clearer to me. I like your “meme” about copyright, for I myself is also considering that in the world of remix.
    A group of people who are in favor of the remix version do exists, but the other group who considers that as a ruin or even call it a disaster also exists. For the latter group, they usually regard the remix as a bad copy of the original version.
    As you have talked about in your post, remix do make things easier for people without any certain skills to create their own music, but will the music be a masterpiece or a catastrophe?
    Unfortunately, both of the answers do happen everyday.


  2. Thomas Hartnett Duff says:

    Hey Holly!

    Unlike the above commenter, I believe this is the first time I have stumbled across your blog. Overall, I liked it. It touches on the concept of remixing without trying to over complicate it. Your choice of videos to reenforce your article were good choices. My only suggestion for improvement would be to dive a little deeper into what remixing actually is. Touching on things outside of media itself or maybe discussing the contributions remixing has made within our society. Apart from this small critique, I liked you article. Keep doing what you are doing and good luck!


  3. maaykelouwerens says:

    Hey Holly
    I really liked how you included videos and made the blog really relatable to the audience. The idea of Free Media is an interesting one. Whilst we do get some really creative pieces by re working original pieces, do you reckon the overall quality of online media is declining with the demise of skill? I don’t know, just my thoughts. I also love the lay out of your blog and the way you wrote the article. Can’t wait to see your next post!


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