The Transmedia Genius of the Kardashians

Transmedia storytelling is described best by Henry Jenkins as “integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience”.

And what better example of the power of transmedia storytelling than none other than the Kardashians?!


Y5JomG1 - Imgur

The Kardashian name is an empire and a multi-million dollar brand in itself, and a large reason for that would have to be their use of transmedia storytelling.

Turning themselves into a household name comes from their success in dabbing in various medias. From the TV show came a fashion line (‘Kardashian Kollection’, ‘Kendall + Kylie’),  fashion stores (‘Dash’), beauty brands (Kylie Cosmetics), fragrances, talk-show appearances and magazine covers. Not to mention their impressive online presence and following, and recent introductions of an app for each sister, showcasing interests personal to them and allowing them to connect to followers.

The point of all of it? Media corporations and brands have an economic incentive to expand their brand. Every media platform that is used, spreads their name and brand further and adds to the Kardashian ‘story’.



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Christina Baldassarre. 2014. The Kardashian Family’s Business Empire In-Depth. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 April 2016].



One thought on “The Transmedia Genius of the Kardashians

  1. Isabella Chen says:

    Hi Holly,
    It’s been a long time since I last came to your blog, but now I am coming again.
    The example of Kardashian given by you really fit the theme we have talked about this week well. Although I was not quite familiar with Kardashian (either as a TV talk show or a brand or……) as well as you did, I typed in “Kardashian” in the searching blank of google, and so many results just came out to make me believe it is really a wonderful example of the power of transmedia storytelling.
    Just as a modest proposal, would you like to add some links to the word “Kardashian” since there may be other people who don’t know the word that much as me? HAHA.
    Nice to come to visit you again. See you next time!
    Sincerely, Isabella


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