Breaking the Unbroken – Glitch Art

Va8aA2D - Imgur

Described as ‘a choreographed multidisciplinary arrangement of desirable shortcomings trying to make the unbroken better through breaking it’ glitch art is making headway on the artist scene.

What’s so special and intriguing about something that ultimately looks like a mistake, broken or fragmented? It’s likely to be the unpredictability. In a technological world where art and media are so structured and malfunctions are avoided at all costs – glitch art ‘subverts your expectations‘ by bringing back the times of VCR errors and early computer glitches that distorted images; something we once despised.



Paul Hertz, Glitch Bodies


David Szauder, Pixelnoizz










Paul Hertz

David Szauder

It provides new ideas of what a mistake may be – taking an already perfect image and breaking it up, and turning it into what would otherwise be perceived as an error and using it as the art itself.


Watch this for a more in depth understanding of glitch art:




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