Increase in Participatory Culture in the Media Landscape

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From monologic to dialogic, our media landscape has shifted toward a culture based off participation. Long gone are the passive audience who sits back and absorbs – now we want to interact, discuss and contribute and have turned into prosumers.

The participatory content has led to a whole new range of media platforms and formats, including activism (e.g the power of hashtivism) and political engagement (e.g election campaigns).

But not everyone feels this new culture is a good thing – with particular governments seeking to ban the use of social media in order to restrain communication between protesters and to prevent negative views being spread and outside information being let in.

Have a look through my Prezi for a more in depth look.


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2 thoughts on “Increase in Participatory Culture in the Media Landscape

  1. Lillian Wareing says:

    Hey! I think you’ve created a very well thought out and effective analysis of participant audience behaviour. Another aspect of this discussion that I think is really interesting, which relates to the point you raised about attempted government regulation is the struggle for power that has emerged since the rise of prosumerism. Since prosumers are no longer obliged to absorb information as media outlets see fit, and can now actively engage with the content, the struggle for power has shifted the media dynamic once more. The power struggle is evident through the introduction of concepts like copyright which are ultimately the most beneficial to big corporations. On the other hand the boundless ability to access and share information through the internet is an almost impossible feat to attempt to regulate, so the future for prosumers is looking pretty bright! What do you think about this?

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