Would you like open or closed source with that?

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The Android vs. Apple iPhone:

It’s all about “open source” or “closed source”.

Android is considered open source, which basically refers to it’s code being from the ‘Android Open Source Project’ (AOSP) allowing users to use this code and come up with their own operating system and other aspects such as using apps that don’t have to be approved and features such as layering apps over the top of each other to use at once.

But what about Apple’s iOS ‘walled garden’, the closed source operating system? It may not give the user as much freedom in customisation or access to apps and code, but it is security-safer and better protected.

But the debate isn’t really about what product is better than the other on paper. It’s about user preference – would you prefer to be able to tinker with the operating system to customise, or are you just happy to use the iOS system which provides greater security?

Regardless of the fence you sit on, both sides have it’s benefits… so can we leave it alone already?


3 thoughts on “Would you like open or closed source with that?

  1. ainsleyriordanmedia says:

    I totally agree with you that the debate between the two operating systems really does come down to user preference, what i was wondering is whether you think that popular culture and the influence of celebrities impact which phone we ultimately choose ? (I know I chose an iPhone because it’s and iPhone and that’s what everyone else had at the time) or do you think that the reason Apple is so popular, is that people are intimidated by the possibilities of an open source operating system? I found it interesting in your post, that Apple’s operating system is actually more secure and protected, because that’s something I wasn’t aware of.
    Your meme was really good, I like that it plays on the confusion surrounding the “Apple vs. Android” debate, it’s very clever and made me laugh 🙂
    Thanks for a great read x

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    • Holly says:

      Hey Ainsley, I agree with you! Maybe not even just celebrities using it, but just popularity in general -everywhere you go you see the iPhone. I feel like the iPhone has become THE automatic phone choice to have, people would really consider anything else unless they know more about Android etc! Glad you liked my post 🙂 xx


  2. lyndspreece says:

    Your explanation about both open and closed source in relaxation to the iPhone and Andriod was very informative! I completely agree with your statement that this on going debate as to which smart phone is better ” isn’t really about what product is better than the other on paper. It’s about user preference”. I personally prefer an iPhone, whereas my family members prefer their android phone. However if you are interested in comparing both phones, this article is helpful! http://money.cnn.com/interactive/technology/iphone-android-comparison/

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