©opyright ©razed: How far should we go?

Whether it be ‘Happy Birthday to you’ or ‘Let’s get ready to rumble’, you can infringe on copyright using everyday, commonly used phrases and songs (and many other texts) that you had no idea were covered by copyright.

Have we overdone it to the point where many creations are no longer practical or lawful to use and enjoy? Or is it necessary that we copyright so many things in our world?

I don’t dispute that copyright is needed – it allows the creation and sharing of new ideas and texts by giving confidence to those who create them, but the line does need to be drawn somewhere to allow use, access and enjoyment of those creations to be at their full potential.




One thought on “©opyright ©razed: How far should we go?

  1. Isabella Chen says:

    Hi Holly,
    Your understanding of copyright enlighens me by showing another perspective of it. I’ve been appreciated copyright so much since I think it is a good protection for either a person or a corporate, or even a country. However, what you have said brings me to recall some troubles I met in my life.

    I failed to download songs of my favourite band ONE DIRECTION unless I paid for the music corporation. I couldn’t get access to the movies I wished to watch.
    Yep. I think copyright should prevent those who want to plagiarize others’ work from doing so, but give back the right to the users who want to enjoy free music, movie, etc.

    BTW, would you like to go to my blog https://cjsmore.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/next-time-apply-for-a-patent-asap/ to have a glimpse and share your comments?

    Cheers Isabella


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